The project aims at the development of an effective system for social support and rapid employment integration of refugee populations. The main concept is the effective and efficient use of time refugees spent in receiving countries, in order to support their integration in their final destination countries.
There are going to be seven (7) Intellectual Outputs (IOs). In each of them, one partner is the leading partner and all the others are participating partners. The IOs are related to background report of the refugees, counseling and guidance courses as well as the development of an e-portfolio.
The events of our project are divided into two main (2) categories: a) Multiplier events and b) Transnational meetings. The main purpose of the multiplier events is the discussion and the exchange of ideas between the main stakeholders while the main purpose of the transnational meetings is the better collaboration between the partners.
Videos and photos from Multiplier Events and Transnational Meetings
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